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Arthur Archer and The Time Travellers' Chronicles

First published in 2012 with Janus Publishing

Following a family tragedy resulting in the loss of their mother and their family home, teenagers, Arthur and Emily Archer move to Rose Cottage with their father in Witney, Oxfordshire. They soon discover an ancient magical secret hidden within the grounds in the form of an ancient oak tree with a door leading them to a portal through the mists of time.

  This is a fast paced adventure set against the backdrop of one of the most turbulent periods of English history, during the civil war. The year is 1643 and Arthur, has followed his curiosity with a little help from the local wildlife to fulfil his destiny and change the course of history. Once through the time portal he is found by soldiers from the Parliamentarian Army. They see him for an enemy and Arthur manages to escape, but in doing so injures Samuel Russell, who isn’t a man to offer forgiveness easily and becomes Arthur’s enemy throughout the story.

  Emily is also led to the tree of time by an owl and once inside meets Dew, a druidess who explains to her that she has just a few hours to find her brother or the tree of time will be closed for a year before reappearing on the 22nd of April.

Arthur Archer and the Warrior Queen

First published 2015 with The Oxfordshire Project

The sequel to Arthur Archer and the Time Traveller's Chronicles.

Emily and Arthur return to the Tree of Time hoping to save the life of their mother. A twist of fate sends them dramatically back to the time of the Roman occupation of England where a gathering of Druids are anticipating their long awaited arrival.

The Roman army has got wind of the prophecy and await hidden to put an end to the rebellion before it begins.

Follow an action packed adventure as our young heroes grow into their destiny whilst changing the world we know.

If you would like to purchase either book, please contact Ben directly and he can send you a signed copy through the post.

Each book costs £10 plus postage.

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