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The Author

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The Journey to the Edge of Reality 
An Englishman's Shamanic Tale.
Published 2023

What people say

I love this book. I dived into it and swam through all the various waters with Ben, some turbulent some warm, some exciting. I couldn’t wait to pick it up again and find out what happened next. At times I was worried for him and then in the next part of his journey I would find myself laughing out loud. It speaks to me and it’s so wonderful to hear someone express how spirituality reveals itself in synchronicity, coincidence & patterns (as well as his more deeply profound, other worldly experiences). Not many people seem to be open to listening to and seeing this, let alone at the level it’s happening with Ben. Most people block or dismiss such things in their own lives. This is a bravely honest and revealing book. Ben bares his soul and more besides, which adds an earthy romantic, human balance to the book whilst he searches for love, support and companionship during some vulnerable times. Not only saying to the world, this is me, this is my experience, this is my journey, but also I’m here, Bear and willing to help you and the world if you let me.
A Shamanic journey is obviously lonely and frightening at times. It takes acceptance, courage and self sacrifice. I loved all the experiences with animals and nature (excepting the cold water ☺️). Having animal companions myself it was fun reading a sitter’s experiences.
The book starts off explaining what it was like to go through Long Covid and since I have relatives with this condition and CFS/ME, I am always interested to hear what helped. Ironically for one who started off so depleted, suffering such loss, with grit, patience and determination he becomes incredibly energetic. It takes a lot to be driving all over the country, moving into temporary accommodation, getting to know others’ animals and house rules, new people, towns and landscapes. It is admirable that he takes wonderful photos along the way and then tries to reestablish his previous business. Running community projects obviously took a lot of energy before the pandemic. But then he has children to support and it’s lovely to hear about the family times. It is not surprising that the significant women in his life are very concerned.
Ben has amazing creative energy and as he finds his feet and his health again it starts to solidify. I am already recommending it to like minded people whom I know will love it as much as I did. It has made me feel more optimistic and inspired me to manifest my dreams and desires in writing. Even if we are open to seeing signs and try to manifest positively it can be confusing, we can take the wrong path and old habits and patterns tend to trip us up. He is shining a light forwards for us. Well done Ben for all you are learning, creating and teaching. I am looking forward to reading what happens next …

Kate Long

This is an incredible book. I just kept reading it, because I was keen to find out what was going to happen to Ben, next! I really identified with it and it could certainly change our map of the world. Our spiritual path can be extremely challenging, which is clearly illustrated in the book. At times, it feels as if Ben was in the flow of things and everything lined up, but at other times, when he stepped outside his better judgement, or pushed things a little too far, he appeared to be severely reprimanded. You experience Ben's determination to 'get back on his path' despite numerous challenges. There are incredible synchronicities which will leave you looking at your life and wondering if those things you imagined were more real than you thought ! What is reality? There is no doubt that we are all players in the game of life and we set the stage. As I continued to read, I couldn't help but think that the journey was more important than the destination. I loved the addition of the romantic relationships which gave the book another dimension keeping me intrigued and also showing Ben's vulnerability in his search for human connection. As I am a great animal lover, I also enjoyed hearing about the cats and dogs. This book has a strong spiritual theme, along with being a great read, which makes you laugh in places and awakens something in you that says, 'anything is possible!'

Jennifer Lynch

Having read the book's synopsis I became really intrigued and I started reading the book. The author's own story from the start was so interesting that I just had to keep reading... I felt for him, going through all his incredible challenges. The way incidents occurred, the many synchronicities, in the beginning one could perhaps dismiss them but they kept happening, repeatedly. Because of the way this book is written, even during the low times I didn't feel it dragged me down. I rather felt this was actually a positive book which left me inspired. Ben Molyneux’s spirituality is apparent throughout. It was fascinating. The romantic and sexual encounters (tastefully described) towards the end of the book, during the author's pursuit for his new life-partner, added quite a bit of spice. Like I mentioned earlier, this is an uplifting piece of writing. Also fairly easy to read. I really enjoyed it!

Marisa Arna

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