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Photography has been a passion of mine since an early age, growing up in the picturesque city of Oxford where taking beautiful photographs are easy. When I first started I’d spend hours on end in dark rooms printing black and white photographs. I used to love seeing the image appear in front of my eyes as the paper swirled on top.

Photography progressed as did my work and I embraced the digital revolution. Now 25 years on I enjoy taking photographs as much as ever. I enjoy the human connection of portraiture where I connect with my subjects in order to find the authentic person within. What I loved most was seeing the families I photographed grow and many I stay with for 20 years or more visiting them for updated portraits every couple of years which is a truly privileged role. Together we build a rich relationship built on trust and friendship.

I would say my style is creative, artistic and almost traditional in some aspects. I love capturing people shining within. I have a mobile studio and also love working in the great outdoors, finding beautiful locations across Oxfordshire to set my subjects in.

I have vast experience in commercial photography, whether that is head shots for a Linkedin profile or images for a leaflet campaign or website.

Nowadays I also run 2 other businesses, The Oxfordshire Project and co run Mahwe. If you have a business and would like to find out about networking opportunities and business support please do visit The Oxfordshire Project’s website to find out more. And if you are interested in personal development and in being the best version of yourself, then please do look at our Mahwe website. Both have very active vibrant communities and put on regular events that you can find like-minded people and hear from inspirational speakers.

Finally, if you like reading then do check out these novels. History is a passion of mine and through time travel I was able to take my readers on a fast paced adventure through Oxford’s famous history.

Arthur Archer and the Time Traveller’s Chronicles
Arthur Archer and the Warrior Queen


Ben Molyneux Photography

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