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About me

A career with many twists and turns, but always full of creative expression.

Photography has been a passion of mine since an early age, growing up in the picturesque city of Oxford where taking beautiful photographs is easy. When I first started I’d spend hours in dark rooms printing black and white photographs. I used to love seeing the image appear in front of my eyes as the paper swirled on top. A little bit of magic that is lost to most of us nowadays.

Photography progressed as did my work and I embraced the digital revolution. Now almost 30 years on I enjoy taking photographs as much as ever. I enjoy the human connection of portraiture where I connect with my subjects in order to find the authentic person within. I love the challenge of helping someone to build their brand identity and working with businesses to capture important moments they wish to share with their communities.

Over the years I have worked successfully with some major brands, including Samsung, Barclays Bank, Oxford University Press, Oxford University, The British Olympic Swimming Team and I'm equally at home working with small independent businesses.

My first novel was by published by Janus in 2011, 'Arthur Archer and the Time Traveller's Chronicles'. A sequel followed, 'Arthur Archer and the Warrior Queen. 

I was thrilled to become a published author and my genre in the early days was fantasy and historical fiction/fantasy for young adults.

Writing gave me the chance to escape into a world in my imagination. My creativity found a new outlet and a highlight for me was going back to my old secondary school to introduce my books to the class where I use to study.

My most recent book, published in 2023 is a incredibly personal book. It is a semi-autobiographical novel of my spiritual journey. It covers a period of my life where I almost died and turned to my spiritual path as my way back. By doing so I found my path, which lead me to travel Britain for two years in search for my new life.

My journey with the paint brushes followed my journey across Britain. I began painting following my own inner-guidance, not fully knowing where it would take me. It has been an incredible journey so far and one I know that is just at the start.

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