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Ben Molyneux



Photography has been a passion of mine since an early age, growing up in the picturesque city of Oxford where taking beautiful photographs is easy. When I first started I’d spend hours in dark rooms printing black and white photographs. I used to love seeing the image appear in front of my eyes as the paper swirled on top. A little bit of magic that is lost to most of us nowadays.

Photography progressed as did my work and I embraced the digital revolution. Now 25 years on I enjoy taking photographs as much as ever. I enjoy the human connection of portraiture where I connect with my subjects in order to find the authentic person within. I love the challenge of helping someone to build their brand identity and working with businesses to capture important moments they wish to share with their communities.

I would say my style is creative, artistic and almost traditional in some aspects. A favourite photographer of mine is Henri Cartier-Bresson and my early work was inspired through studying him at college.

I have vast experience in commercial photography, whether that is head shots for a Linkedin profile or images for a leaflet campaign or website; and I have recently developed a love of cooking and photographing my dishes and ingredients which now forms part of my portfolio of images.

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