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Shamanic coach (12 x 8 in).png

 Artist - Photographer - Author 

Professional Photographer

Winner of the Southern Enterprise Award 2022 and 2023 for Best Family Portrait Photographer and Commercial Photography 2023 
Ben has been a professional photographer since 1994

Published Author 

The journey to the edge of reality, an Englishman's shamanic tale 

Arthur Archer and the Time Traveller's Chronicles

Arthur Archer and the Warrior Queen

Professional Artist

Painting with oils on canvas. Ben is the resident artist at The Marisa Arna Gallery in Thorpe-le-Soken

What people say

'Not only is Ben a fabulous photographer, but he is also reliable, calm and personable, with great director skills and an eye for detail.
His brief was to photograph the family, a group of 12! Not easy to get everyone organised but Ben did it with ease and managed to get the best out of everyone. He arrived early to check out the conditions to ensure the best locations and light for the shots, which was brilliant.
His gentle direction made the time fun instead of stressful, and we were all delighted with the results - a mix of posed and natural shots, managing to capture the best of us all.
Ben is talented, accommodating and humble, and his photography is excellent value for money. I would highly recommend him to anyone.'

Charlotte Ten-Holter

A review of  'The journey to the edge of reality, an Englishman's shamanic tale'

I love this book. I dived into it and swam through all the various waters with Ben, some turbulent some warm, some exciting. I couldn’t wait to pick it up again and find out what happened next. At times I was worried for him and then in the next part of his journey I would find myself laughing out loud. It speaks to me and it’s so wonderful to hear someone express how spirituality reveals itself in synchronicity, coincidence & patterns (as well as his more deeply profound, other worldly experiences). Not many people seem to be open to listening to and seeing this, let alone at the level it’s happening with Ben. Most people block or dismiss such things in their own lives. This is a bravely honest and revealing book. Ben bares his soul and more besides, which adds an earthy romantic, human balance to the book whilst he searches for love, support and companionship during some vulnerable times. Not only saying to the world, this is me, this is my experience, this is my journey, but also I’m here, Bear and willing to help you and the world if you let me.

Kate Long

I cannot tell you how stunning the painting actually is. It's spectacular. The colours are amazing. And it's so lovely to be sat at my desk and look up and there it is. It's just magnificent. So thank you.
Annette Rainbow after hanging her painting titled 'Old Friends' on her office wall.

Annette Rainbow

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