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Discover the magic of portrait photography

Why choose Ben as your photographer

With over twenty years of experience in capturing emotive and captivating portraits, Ben brings a wealth of expertise to every photo shoot. From lighting to composition, each image is meticulously crafted to showcase the unique personality and beauty of every subject. 



Creating stunning portraits is more than just technical skill; it's about creating a comfortable and enjoyable experience for every client. Ben prides himself on being friendly, approachable, and dedicated to establishing rapport with each individual behind the lens.

Skip the hassle of travelling to a studio with all your family members. Enjoy a stress-free photo session in the familiar surroundings of your home. 
Feel more relaxed and at ease in your home, leading to more natural and candid expressions in your portraits. 

Showcase your unique style and personalise your photo shoot by incorporating elements from your home into the picture.

On Location

Elevate your portrait experience with Ben as he takes you on a journey into spectacular scenery, crafting breathtaking portraits that intertwine creativity, emotion, and the splendor of nature.
Engage with your local countryside in a meaningful way, allowing the natural surroundings to enhance your portraits and evoke a sense of harmony and beauty.
Beyond mere photography, Ben approaches each portrait session as a creative endeavor. Infusing artistry and creativity into every frame, Ben transforms moments into timeless masterpieces. Your portraits will not only reflect your essence but also tell a story that resonates deeply with viewers.


The Family

As a family photographer known for excellence with children, Ben specialises in creating unforgettable memories through fun and unique photo shoots. Let us freeze those precious moments of laughter, love and togetherness that make your family truly special.

Family photo shoots are not just about posing and smiling; they are about having a great time together. Ben's interactive and playful approach makes every session an enjoyable experience for both children and adults. Say goodbye to forced smiles and hello to genuine expressions of happiness.

Patience, creativity, and a genuine love for working with children are at the heart of Ben's approach. From shy teenagers to energetic toddlers, Ben knows how to connect with the young ones, making them feel comfortable and bringing out their unique personalities in front of the camera

Book Ben for your family and embrace a photographer who understands children's dynamics and makes each session a delight for the little ones.

Embracing the beauty of motherhood

Ben's maternity portraits go beyond mere images; they are a celebration of the strength, grace and love that radiate from expectant mothers. Trust Ben to create timeless keepsakes that honour this special phase of your life.
Understanding the intimate nature of maternity photography, Ben approaches each session with sensitivity and care. His gentle demeanor and professional guidance create a relaxed and comfortable environment, allowing you to embrace your natural glow and express the love you feel for your growing baby.




Photographic prices
7 x 5 inch £35
9 x 6 inch £40
8 x 12 inch £45
10 x 15 inch £60
12 x 18 inch £110
24 x 16 inch £185

Frames optional, prices of the frames start from £40 for an 8x12 inch print with a mount

Digital prints
£200 for 6 images
£350 for 25 images

Commissioned paintings
From £200 please enquire with your requirements for a quote.


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