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Design your life – then experience it

Working with the Law of Attraction

You wouldn’t start building a house without detailed plans, or go on a long journey without knowing the destination you are travelling to. With this in mind, to find happiness and fulfilment in your life and to live a life of purpose, some planning is also needed and the more the better. It will not just happen without first imagining what we want it to look like. Some of us might plan in detail how we want our house to look, or we might shape our body with a fitness program, or have a clear and determined focus on our career or family life, but how many of us do all of the above and go further still, plan our personal growth and entertainment, our social life, our adventures and our family life?

  This program is designed to help you identify in detail what it is you want to manifest into your life and then tell the universe straight. By putting your words on to paper you give them energy and focus and coupled with your imagination you add a bit of powerful magic to your words. By reading and rereading and reworking your future life you keep it in your mind’s eye and you bring your goals into reality.

  We will be working with something called the law of attraction. If you haven’t come across this term before it is the theory that we attract what we have in our life, good or bad, through our thoughts and actions. We are like powerful magnets and if we focus our thoughts on positive things we are far more likely to bring these into our lives. However if we live in a state of fear, scarcity and have limiting beliefs holding us back, we are attracting these things into our life resulting in us not achieving our goals. We need to imagine a future with abundance where we are capable of having the things of our dreams. We have been conditioned to a certain way of thinking and this course will help you navigate yourself around this to help you to manifest into your life the life you choose for yourself.

  An example will be when we are thinking of someone and they get in touch, or vice versa. We are manifesting that person back into our lives. They are picking up on the energy of your thoughts or perhaps you are of them, either way.

  We are vibrational beings and the higher vibration we operate at, the more likely we are to manifest things and people that are vibrating at that higher frequency. Like attracts like. So if we are dealing with low frequency energy, perhaps you are angry, jealous or greedy then it is harder to manifest those things and people that are at the higher vibrational states of love, joy, gratitude, belief and enlightenment and so on.

  Everything in the universe is made from energy and shares the same building blocks, they are just put together in a different structure, including our thoughts and our emotions. As such all of this energy is connected and this is how we are able to draw things into our life using the law of attraction. The universe listens to our thoughts, words and actions. It knows our limiting beliefs our hopes, fears and aspirations. All of this energy operates at different vibrational levels – like attracts like and these vibrations attract that which vibrates at the same rate. Are you following? It’s complicated and takes a leap of faith, but it’s explained here to help you understand as I’ll be talking about vibrational states through-out the course.

  Have you ever been experiencing something and a song plays with the lyrics matching your thoughts or you’ve sat down to watch a movie that plays out what you are experiencing or thinking about? This happens to me all of the time. We are manifesting into our lives vibrational matches. I have spent a lifetime learning about these things and have come to a deep understanding of how they work. The more we believe in this magic the more we are able to harness it. It’s one of the rules of the universe, like gravity, only science hasn’t found a way to measure it.


“Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.” ― Roald Dahl

  I have seen many wonderful things in my lifetime that science cannot explain. People may say they are just coincidences and it is my belief that it is this line of thought that has disconnected us from many of the wonderful mysteries of the universe and also disconnected us with nature and our spiritual side.  However more and more people are finding for themselves ancient wisdom that has been brought back into our consciousness at this time thanks in part to the internet and our easy access to great teachers through books, videos and audio recordings. What I am sharing with you in this course is ancient wisdom modernised for the 21st century; for you to be able to use it to create the life of your dreams and also be part of a movement to dream up a better future for humanity.

  We will work on 8 aspects of your life as well as the wider world around you. Once complete you will know what you want your life to look like and be able to look for opportunities that the universe presents you with. Before we begin I would like to share a little of my story to demonstrate how what you write down can have a major impact on your life. The law of attraction is always working even when you are not paying attention to it or intending to work with it – you cannot turn it off. This will demonstrate precisely that - in a story about a story I once wrote.


  In 2020 I became ill. I suffered with chronic fatigue, I had breathing difficulties, insomnia, brain fog and I struggled to control my body temperature. I had about 2 hours of energy to last me a day. This coincided with the British government putting the nation into lock down which forced me to close my businesses, lose my income and bring a whole load of stress to my doorstep. What followed for me were the most profound experiences of my life. After a few months without making any progress regarding my health, I turned to my spiritual side for answers on how to recover. What I learnt through the process of recovery I will put into this course.

  Unbeknown to me, I had manifested my illness, the loss of my businesses and the breakup of my relationship that followed. However the process of letting go and rebuilding has led to a period of personal growth that was not open to me without going through the process I was about to experience. Something that I wouldn’t change if I could.

  During my illness I had a dream, it was one of those dreams that seem more than a dream, more like a message from my higher-self or a spirit guide or angel. The message was clear, I had been chosen by the spirit world to become a teacher of ancient wisdom. It was my path and my path back to health and mental clarity. I woke feeling congruent with the message. I had spent time learning about shamanic practices as part of my research for a novel I had written. I was fascinated in the subject so the concept wasn’t alien to me. Over the next few months I would learn many ancient spiritual practices and put them into action to heal myself from my illness that the doctors were calling Long Covid and to open up a connection with the spiritual world in order to access knowledge and understanding.

  I used my new knowledge and began the slow process of recovery, day by day I grew stronger, fitter and began to regain my mental clarity. I lifted my vibration from a low place, one of fear, illness and loss towards the higher states of belief, faith, acceptance, love and gratitude. During this process I began to realise that I had to leave my relationship with my life partner and give up my security. I had to go off into the unknown – I had to let go and find my freedom. An adventure awaited, one that I had asked for when I was laying sick, not knowing if I would ever recover.

  The following year led me to travel the lengths of Britain connecting to the earth’s energy lines, reading book upon book of ancient spiritual wisdom, and to repeat a cycle that had happened exactly half a lifetime before. In shamanic terms, I would die and be reborn – reach maturity and find a way back from physical illness and mental illness to gain a new perspective that I would be able to share for the good of my community – it is an ancient process known as the shamanic sickness which for over 200,000 years was a common experience for the shamans of the tribe.

  I had spent the past 12 years in the heart of my community in Oxfordshire in Southern England. I was helping people, connecting them to each other, teaching them, introducing them to mentors and all the while, helping them to support local charities. I had been playing out one of the roles of the ancient shamans without knowing it. Now it was time for me to learn the rest of the job…  And learn it the hard way – by experiencing it and then making sense of what was happening to me.


Arthur Archer takes a rewrite

  In 2008 I published my first novel, ‘Arthur Archer and the Time Traveller’s Chronicles’. A time travel adventure that left my heroes, Emily and Arthur on a page turning adventure in the middle of the English Civil War. I had a little bit of success with the book and those that read it told me they had enjoyed it and encouraged me to write a sequel. One good friend who read it from cover to cover in a day told me I was in fact both of my characters Emily and Arthur. How right she would prove to be. I was invited to a few literary festivals and a highlight was going back to my school and reading to the children 25 years after leaving. The sequel followed a couple of years later, ‘Arthur Archer and the Warrior Queen’, which was published in 2012 and a little while later I started a third book, but to this day it remains unfinished. It was about a pandemic that had got out of control!

  In the summer of 2021 I left my long term relationship and followed my inner guidance to become a nomad. I would look after people’s pets whilst being a travel photographer until I knew what was the next step for me. I needed some time to put myself back together and dream up a new future. I was living in the moment and the universe had me exactly where I was supposed to be, in the eye of a storm. I was manifesting into my life an adventure I had written twelve years before. I was about to become the characters of my book and as strange things started to happen to me, to my horror, it slowly dawned on me what was unfolding.

  One day not long before I left, two friends got in touch and invited me on a walk with them. They had something up their sleeves but they hadn’t told me what it was. I was still recovering but was able to walk around White Horse Hill in Wiltshire where they cleansed me in a natural spring, connected me to the ancient druids and ended up baptising me in to the druidic order! It was all a little surreal to be honest, I was asked to give myself a new druidic name and I chose Bear. A name that would later have a huge symbolic meaning. I hadn’t planned for this to happen, it’s not the sort of thing that normally happens to people – but I had written it in to my novel a decade before and thus manifested it in to reality. I would later look at the spiritual meaning of names in my book and discover that Arthur means Bear and Archer means letting go of everything not meant for you. More on this later.

  A friend called me out of the blue and when I told him I was going to become a nomad, he gave me the answer I was looking for. He told me about a website which matched people up, so when people went on holiday they had someone to look after their pets. It meant I’d have somewhere to live for free whilst exploring the country until I’d worked out what came next for me. I didn’t mind where I went, I was in the flow, allowing the universe to send me where it wanted me to go, so I just took any opportunity to house sit across the country that presented itself.

  During my journey around the UK looking after cats, dogs and other small hairy creatures, an inner knowing called me to rewrite my first book and republish it. I felt I could improve bits and add greater depth. I’d had a lot of feedback over the years and people had often said, why had Tom died? Perhaps I would change the ending too. When I arrived in Edinburgh to begin the process I was amazed to find the house seemed to be a screen set for my first the book. Owls and other birds on trees filled the house and my bed cover, pictures on the walls mirrored scenes of my book and an old doctor’s face mask from medieval times dropped from behind a curtain on to the floor – replicating the mask worn by a doctor in my book when he was treating Emily for the plague, and bears, lots of bears too.

  I re-read my first novel on my first day there and I couldn’t believe what was happening. I had been retracing the route my characters had taken in the book with my travel photography! It was on this day that the seed of an idea that I was actually reliving my book was confirmed for me. It hit me hard, it was both fascinating and frightening all at once. If I had written a love story it would have been different, but I had written a time travel adventure novel set during a war and a plague and my characters were in the thick of things. What could that mean for me? In my novel Emily and Arthur travelled through time by opening up an old book and the pages came alive and they emerged in the story – back through time. It was as if as soon as I opened my novel to rework it the same thing happened to me. Had I manifested this dramatic piece of magic into my life?

  I started looking at the meanings of the words in my book – I was blown away by the meaning of the name, Arthur and its significance. I looked at the name of my publisher Janus, the Roman God. He was the God of time travel and doors. My characters travelled through time by first entering a door in a tree! It was becoming more and more surreal. Was I losing my mind? It certainly dawned on me that I was – But it was all part of the shaman’s journey. In days long gone the shaman would go off into the wild and lose himself as his reality would merge with the spiritual world and he would come back with new insights and new knowledge to share with the tribe as I am doing with you now. Those selected by the spirit world as a shaman would run in fear, it was known as a hard path and a dangerous one too, not a path that one chooses, rather it chooses you.

  What happened over the next 18 months was a manifestation of all of the novels I had written, including those that lay unfinished on my computer. I would go on the same adventures as my characters, for good or bad. When my characters got the plague – I got really sick. When they left their family behind – I left my family behind. When they met with a nasty accident, I ended up crashing my car in a freak storm.

  Things were not exactly the same – yet closer enough for me to match them to the book, like metaphors. People I didn’t know would quote lines from my book to me, others would say they felt like a character in one of my novels and they were. I remember rewriting a scene set in Kingswood in The Forest of Dean, only to realise I was actually in the Forest of Dean and yes in a house that was in Kingswood! The owners of the house had food growing in vegetable patches in the garden and they told me to forage for what I wanted… That’s exactly what my characters were doing too. I was manifesting into my life incredible coincidences one after the next.

  The universe didn’t care that I had meant the books to be fiction and entertainment. I would live through those pages regardless and when I tried to change the details of the books, the new words I was writing would manifest quickly too. Not replacing the old details but adding to it. I remember writing about seeing a red squirrel in the rewrite. I had never seen one before in my life, the next day one ran out in front of me!

  After I had rewritten my first novel I vowed not to even look at my second, I had been through too much already! I was ready to find some stability in my life again – time to get off of the rollercoaster. Regardless of my wishes, it continued until after a series of very clear signs, I bit the bullet and reread my second novel. I found that I was already reliving the adventure, whether I paid attention to it or not. Everything was out a little out of order, it didn’t run in exact sequence. I had written it in one order but it manifested itself when the opportunity allowed for it. Then it dawned on me to check my unfinished novels, and these were very dark indeed. I found I had written in the exact detail, my car accident. It was chilling stuff.

  I had a recent conversation with a good friend of mine, she is a fellow author. When I recounted my story and theory she told me the same thing had happened to her. She had relived parts of her books and people had said lines to her that she had written into her novels.

  It has taken me a little while to fully understand the impact of this journey and the knowledge it brings with it. Firstly, I realised that I can write a new future for myself. I have the power at my fingertips to create the new narrative of my life.

  Shamans throughout history learnt that by putting the wishes and needs of a community into form it added more power to their prayers or rituals. They would draw with a stick into the sand or the earth what the village needed, whether that was wheat, buffalo or rain. In the caves they would paint cattle, deer and mammoth. This was a powerful way of manifesting the needs of the tribe. This is the sacred knowledge our ancestors learnt that somewhere along the path of time, we forgot. Imagine then what we are doing today with our predictions for the future, the news spelling doom and gloom and dealing in fear, greed, sickness, vanity, lust and crime, those low vibrational states I mentioned earlier. We should be focused on good news stories of the bright future we are working towards, of collaboration, courage, unity, progress, success and friendship.

  In this program you will write the stories of your future life and then be the protagonist, the hero of the story. You will be asked to explore 8 areas of your life and a 9th will be on the world around you. You will design the blueprint to your future life.

  If you have tried working with the law of attraction in the past and failed to manifest into your life what you desired, then this technique will give you a new tool and by following the enjoyable process it will help you to be consistent in your efforts.


There’s nothing more powerful than a good story. Nothing can stop it. No enemy can defeat it.  Tyrion Lannister – Game of Thrones.


You are about to transform your life

Let’s begin …

To take advantage of this online course, which includes 9 modules and a 30 minute video call with Ben Molyneux, please contact Ben via the email address below. The course costs £169 and you can complete the course at your own pace.

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