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Corfe - Dorset

On a lovely sunny afternoon in Dorset this summer I ventured out to the pretty village of Corfe on the Isle of Purpeck with my camera, a few minutes drive from my Mother and Stepfather's house.

The castle was built by William the Conqueror and has stood on the top of the hill for as long as the Molyneux’s have lived in England. My ancestors fought alongside William and luckily for us we were on the winning side and were granted a title, a castle and lands in the North West of England.

Corfe Castle was destroyed in 1643, during the English Civil War by Parliament’s forces, coincidently the year Arthur Archer spends on his time travels for those of you that have read the book.

After the demolition the villagers pillaged the stones from the castles walls to build the picturesque village that stands today. The ruins are now owned by The National Trust.

Apparently the name Corfe comes from the Old English, ceorfan, meaning 'a cutting', referring to the gap in the hill.

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